About the Festival

We are LOGIN – the first, largest, most uncompromising innovation bash in the Baltics. When we started back in 2007, innovation meant technology, but this concept has expanded like mad. So have we. Today, innovation is an ingenious mix of three dominant elements: TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVITY, BUSINESS. And we’re making bloody sure all of these get the attention they deserve.

Over 6,000 game-changers are here to take over, including competent founders, slick trendsetters, respected business experts, sharp investors, bold creatives, social snipers, brainy techies, etc. We thrive to stimulate all sorts of collaborations and dig deeper into the most relevant issues.

Being an innovation gateway and a networking ball of the decision makers, LOGIN 2018 festival gives you the most complete context of what’s happening in the Baltics. Content isn’t everything. Context is everything.

Technology Creativity Business


Fresh methods and stories on how to grow, monetise or develop your business. You need a diverse set of components for that, and we’re aiming to explore this balanced blend.


Moving out of the freakin’ box for good, tackling uniqueness and the means to exploit it, with solid creatives bringing out the big guns to help us get a grip on the situation in their fields.


Find out how skilled innovators use technology as a powerful tool to expand, protect, modernise or boost their ideas in order to reach new grounds.

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These are the blue-chip visionaries in their markets, helping us reach and invite VIP speakers to LOGIN. Together, we focus only on the most relevant subjects to delve deeper into the belly of the beast.

#Robotics + AI

#Geeks + BlockGeeks


#Future of Mobility





#Robotics + AI
Monika Bielskytė
#Geeks + BlockGeeks
Paulius Kunčinas
Daniel Soares
#Future of Mobility
Martynas Gudonavičius
Tomas Nemura
Viktorija Mickutė
Cecile Poignant
Monika Katkutė
Héctor Ayuso
#Geeks + BlockGeeks
Ada Jonušė
#Future of Mobility
Donatas Keras
Mindaugas Bundza
#Robotics + AI
Edgaras Leichteris
Marius Jurgilas
Andrius Bičeika
Tomas Moška


Opera House

We’ll use the main stage as well as the unique warehouse stage. At the heart of Vilnius, this hub will be the heart of LOGIN.

Vilnius Congress Hall

The building is a child of high-end functionalism and inventive brutalism, so two of its unexpected spaces will be perfect for us.


Since many technological giants were founded in a garage, LOGIN will have a surprising new spot to confront creative issues.



Grab 10 or more tickets to receive a group discount of 20%.

Discounts don’t stack up and are applied automatically.

Early bird is active
10-03 31-03
10-03 31-03

Early bird



Indrė Chevalier CEO, program
+370 613 32899
Laura Mičiūnienė Partnerships & Contracts
+370 687 54939
Maxime Chevalier strategic partnerships consultant
+370 615 25486
Ida Janušauskaitė head of production & ticketing
+370 610 75293
Rūta Panavė head of volunteers & logistics
+370 698 05400
Laima Griciūtė head of parties
+370 629 82194
Greta Jurgutytė head of PR
+370 673 33810
Miglė Gudavičiūtė-Kapoor speakers logistic manager
+370 680 33180
Andrius Matusevičius technical director
Ieva Stonytė community manager
Lina Navickaitė art director
Ugnė Gumenikovaitė graphic designer
Mantas Velykis creative director, McCANN
Vytenis Škarnulis head of web


Austė Stiklerytė

Practical info

Get there

Did you know that Vilnius actually is the geographical centre of Europe? The spontaneous, UNESCO-inscribed capital is small enough to move around with no rush, yet rich with sights and emotions. Our recommendation: consider staying for the weekend as Vilnius in June is breathtaking and prices are a good surprise!


Vilnius is spacious yet tiny, so better hurry up and book your stopover in the city centre soon.


Uber drivers, public buses, trolleybuses, taxi companies, car rental spots, scooters and city bicycles make Vilnius a hell of a destination for inner-city trips. Also, it’s all close to stroll around on foot.



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