You can submit your work across 28 different categories and subcategories.

Online film & video - this category has four subcategories:

- Online movie/ series/ show - the best film, show or series on the web

- Video character/ personality/host - the best video character, personality or host on the web

- Viral - the best viral, phenomenon video on the Internet

- Youtube channel - the most honored Youtube channel


Online advertising and marketing – this category has six subcategories

- Email marketing campaign– the best newsletter campaign

- Interactive advertisement/campaign – the best interactive commercial or campaign on the Internet

- Advertising agency of the year - advertising agency that created whose works on LOGIN Awards were judged most favorably

- Brand of the year – the most active brand on the Internet 

- Mobile advertisement/ campaign - the best advertisement on mobile website or app

- Social media advertisement/ campaign - the best mobile website or project


Mobile & apps – this category has two subcategories

- Mobile App - the bets mobile app

- Mobile website or project - the best mobile website or project


Social media - this category has two subcategories

- Personal social media account - the best personal social media account

- Non-personal social media account - the best company's or initiative group's account / campaign on social media


Websites - this category has nine subcategories

- BLOG / personal website - the best BLOG or personal website

- E-services or product website - the best website that offers e-service or product

- Website - the best website

- Website design - the best website design solution

- Educational website - the best education aimed non-profit website or project

- Social responsibility website - the best non-profit website that builds awareness of the social responsibility

- Cultural non-profit webpage - the best cultural non-profit website or project

- News media website - the best news media website on the internet


Export of the year - the best starting company in Lithuania that moved business abroad

Internet person of the year -  the most active person who honored to Lithuanian internet

Start of the year - the best business that started this year

Game of the year - the best created game of the year

Innovation of the year -  The best technological solution of the year