1. UNO parks - Since 2009 we are experts in construction, design and management of adventure parks and children playgrounds. Our work gives happiness to our customers not only in Lithuania, but also in other European countries, USA, China, India and Middle East. Really soon we are opening a brand new indoor family entertainment and business center in Vilnius. We are seeking for experts and talents in different areas to help us and to be a part of creating the biggest indoor entertainment and busines center in the Baltics! Join and become the future with UNO Parks!"

  2. Robotics school - Robotics School hosts a wide range of activities aimed at different age groups. Most activities target children and youth, but we also have programs for adults. Students discover here breakthrough technologies! During the exhibition we will present Robotics School activities and show our 3D printers, drones, HTC Vive VR system with simulations, robots, micro:bit mini-computers.

  3. Biocontrol - I will present pH control of thermophilic cheese culture during biomas growth process. I will use Arduino Touch screen, Atlas Scientific chip and pH sensor, NaOH peristaltic pump, air pump and a small hermetic vessel. People will have a chance to put hands on industrial-like PID control and see the visual process.

  4. VGTU - ,,Linkmenų fabrikas" is a space for everyone who wants to create, develop and implement their ideas. Center workshops and bureaus are designed to be used by creative and innovative people, from beginners to professionals. The aim of this creativity and innovation center is to become a venue for practical workshops and the realization of various projects

  5. Museum of illusions - Museum of illusions has gathered probably the biggest eksposition of illusinioray objects in the world. Here most interesting objects are seen by locals and city guests. We will show you few optical items, will try strenght of our minds and will try to play laser instruments.

  6. Sandboy - is smart action camera in unique design pen. Device is capable to record 1080p video it also has a wireless bone conduction headset, and unique design stylus.

  7. Totem - is an all-in-one DIY construction system for robotics and electronics prototyping. The system provides unique mechanical parts, electronic modules and software solutions. Totem makes it easy to build even complex models, that are easy to program and make work.

  8. GlucoCarer - is a solution to make diabetics life easier by simply wearing device on the ear and sending data to mobile application. GlucoCarer will track continuously and will make life more comfortable, less painful and easier. GlucoCarer combines 3 technologies: • Bioimpedance • Temperature difference • Light absorption.

  9. Maker.lt - I will show electric mountainboard - fastest transportation device in city.

  10. FabLab Kaunas - FabLab Kaunas is the first Fabrication Laboratory in Kaunas, where people can make real electronic products with modern electonic equipment.

  11. Robotics academy - the place, where anyone can become an inventor. Robot for us is a tool, which can be used to solve everyday problems. At our booth visitors will see how LEGO robots can help at executing experiments and the most curious visitors will have a chance to build their own mars robot and to start preparing for mars colonization.

  12. RDOG - RDOG is the automatic mower with a fuel engine. The main aim of the mower is cut the grass without involvement of the manpower. RDOG is moving based on the special algorythm or GPS coordinates.

  13. Blokas - "Pisound" - the first all around solution for your Raspberry Pi based audio projects! Equipped with Hi-Fi stereo input and output, classic MIDI In and Out ports, user-customizable button and bundled software tools, Pisound has everything you need to bring your audio projects to life in no time.

  14. HoPro - HoPro specializes in high quality 3D holographic display manufacturing and can offer overall media installation solutions. HoPro aim is to create a lasting first impression of your product or service and attract attention of a potential customer or a partner. Holographic displays create a memorable customer experience and solutions such as combination of physical product and 3D animation provide an eye-catching and powerful effect that stands out. Beside 3D holographic displays HoPro provide 3D animation services. Company is always looking for new opportunities and develop innovative solutions. HoPro products is already being successfully used by well know local and international brands and companies and this is the result of HoPro’s hard-working and enthusiastic team of professionals that will solve almost any given task and will help you to find the best way to introduce yourself and impress your partners.