24th of May


Batch 1 (Oberlo)


12:00 – 13:30  SALE AND PARTNERSHIP CHALLENGES. Moderator Zvika Kezurer

Once the startup reaches the phase they got a product they can present to their prospects, the CEO needs to build a plan how to approach their market. The plan should be built in such a way it can get maximum exposure with minimum resources. The workshop will reveal a few ways how can this be done effectively.

14:00 – 15:30 LEAN PRICING. Moderator Omar Mohout

Pricing will determine your market position, whether or not your customers can buy from you, and whether or not you can provide the level of service required by those customers. The price your customers are willing to pay is the measure of the degree to which you have nailed the solution. This session will cover the economy of pricing, 11 different methods to set pricing, multi-axis pricing, freemium, empirical rules and practical advice.


Batch 2 (Telesoft)



In his master class Christian will speak about best practices in pricing SaaS products. This will entail a discussion on how to get the price right, how to change prices when needed, how to fit the right sales strategy to your SaaS price, and what churn to expect.

12:00 – 13:30 BUILDING A SALES FUNNEL – TECHNOLOG STACK AND TACTICS. Moderator Alex Grechanowski

The master class is designed for founders and growth marketers wanting to quickly identify product/market fit or build an initial traction. It’s a unique opportunity for startups to collaborate on their marketing challenges with teams across the globe. You will get hands-on training on setting up a sales funnel on budget and optimizing it for growth. Knowing our targets, their problems and how our product will provide a solution, we’ll work smart and hard to test different marketing tactics and acquisition channels, set up key metrics, locate blockage points, and find the things that work. We’ll discover effective marketing tools – CRM, automation, on-barding, content, ads, SEO, CRO, analytics – that help people become true fans and customers.

14:00 – 15:30 BUSINESS IN A USA. Moderator Stacy Kim

During the masterclass you will hear:

  • The typical legal structure to set up operations in the US

  • Important factors to consider when setting up US operations

  • Common legal pratfalls to avoid


25th of May


Batch 1 (Oberlo)


10:00 – 11:30 MARKETING PLAN ON ONE PAGE! Moderator Donatas Jonikas

This is a practical workshop where you’ll craft your startup marketing plan on one page and will get individual feedback from Dr. Donatas Jonikas, the author of Startup Evolution Curve. During the masterclass you will learn:

  • What are key pillars of marketing strategy for successful product launch?

  • What are essential tactics of your value proposition for profitable launch?

  • How to create a marketing plan on one page to make it happen?

12:00 – 13:30  VC & ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS EASY (IN A NON- LAWYER WAY). Moderator Linas Sabaliauskas

During the masterclass you will learn:

  • Where do I get money for my start-up?

  • How much money should I ask from an investor?

  • What‘s the min. stake to give to accelerator, VC fund or business angel?

14:00 – 15:30 IP IS EASY (IN A NON-LAWYER WAY) Moderator Vilija Viešiūnaitė

In this masterclass you‘ll learn:

  • Is the cupcake form that I made patentable?

  • Can I use Coca-Cola trademark in my website?

  • Who owns IP rights if I create a code at home during the weekend?

  • Can I use the song that I like in my game?


Batch 2 (Telesoft)


10:00 – 11:30 STORYTELLING. Moderator Lloyd Waldo

In this spellbinding workshop, Lloyd Waldo, creative marketing veteran of dozens of startups, will show would-be entrepreneurs how early stage startups can apply practical storytelling skills to convince their earliest stakeholders (including cofounders, investors, customers, and employees), of the power of a new idea. Learn to instinctively transform ideas from dry descriptions and speculation into compelling narratives, that put you in control of the conversation. This workshop will include hands-on strategies for positioning that will provide entrepreneurs with the toolset necessary to construct a persuasive and powerful story about themselves, and their vision of the future.


As a Product Manager/ Product Owner you will constantly face assumptions being made about how your product needs to be improved to make it better:

  • "The users can't find the sign-up form on our website"; 

  • "We need to have a mobile version of our website because more and more people are browsing the web on their smartphones"; 

  • "The payment experience in our product is horrible"; 

  • "This big company will use our product if we add these features". 

These are some of the things that you might hear working as Product Manager. In this Masterclass we will be learning how to identify an assumption, how to validate or invalidate it and how to communicate with your colleagues who have come up with the assumptions in the first place. By doing this you will improve some of your most important skills as a Product Manager: 

  • Stakeholder management (i.e. working with people who want improvements in the product ex your boss, marketing, sales, support)

  • Analysis 

  • Backlog management (i.e. what features need to be developed and which can wait for another time).

This Masterclass will be best suited for new or junior Product Managers or at people who would like to become one or find out more what the job of a Product Manager looks like.