“Innovation comes from diversity,” one of our speakers, N. Sadirac once said. Think about it – what else if not a diversity of ideas, skills, habits, cultural experiences and geographical peculiarities keeps our conversations, visions and projects interesting?

LOGIN’s growth over the past 12 years is just another proof of that: what started as a meetup of 100 bloggers, with years has developed into the largest and most diverse bash of innovative people from the Baltics – just because more and more different minds joined in.

At LOGIN, the roadmap for innovation is TECHNOLOGY x CREATIVITY x BUSINESS, together. We strive for innovation where creative marketing brings mathematical algorithms to the market, where personal stories become trailblazing business strategies and where there’s always room for some craziness.

What’s LOGIN?

LOGIN is the largest conversation of makers and visionaries within the Baltics. For 2 days it takes not only the biggest exhibition and congress centre, but also the downtown of Vilnius. More than 100 speakers, 5+ halls, sessions of the most relevant topics, networking, idea sharing, and much more. LOGIN is also giving out Internet Awards for the best digital projects and provides Vilnius with a solid afterparty.

Should you log in?

Whether you’re a blockchain geek, a currencies philosopher, a sophisticated designer or an undiscovered bold soul, and if you believe your desk isn’t the only place where innovation happens – you must.


Ida Janušauskaitė head of production & ticketing
+370 692 31751
Laura Mičiūnienė CFO
+370 687 54939
Andrius Matusevičius technical director
+370 650 52572
Lina Navickaitė art director
Ugnė Gumenikovaitė graphic designer
Darius Roževič Head of web



All the greatest things tend to spin around and come back in a better version, so is LOGIN coming back to the beloved exhibition and congress centre. We believe it won’t be a miss, but a hit!


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