Art hackathon is a 1-day idea generation event to create digital innovations that would make modern art interesting, fun and engaging. This event is a collaboration of MO Museum (to be opened in 2018 in Vilnius) and LOGIN festival. It is a response to the perception of a museum as a boring place and art as being hard-to-understand, irrelevant to the viewer. We believe that the museum may be a place for social interaction and inspiration. There are numerous ways to get people interested in modern art, especially employing digital technologies, and thus, we invite you to be a part in pathing a way to this future museum. The outcome of the hackathon should be an idea for fun or interesting art related object/ digital/tech tool/game.


You. Whether you come from a technical/digital or from an art/creative background – all you need is an interest in modern art or culture. You don’t have to be an art historian as well – general curiosity and open-mind is enough. There will be a pool of  mentors (to consult with) and participants (to team-up with) from the fields of art and tech.


During the hackathon:

  • Form up into teams (or come with your own)
  • Come up with best ideas how to make art interesting and engaging
  • Get mentor feedback on idea and pitch
  • Pitch it to jury
  • Best team wins €1000 prize

After the hackathon:

  • Get support from the MO Museum to develop your idea
  • Create at least a prototype
  • Test/present the prototype during LOGIN festival

After LOGIN festival:

  • Create a working product
  • Showcase your product during the opening of the MO Museum and their 1st exhibition (6 months)
  • Become world-famous (fingers crossed)


  • 10:00 – registration
  • 10:30 – Mayor of Vilnius greeting
  • 10:35 – intro and agenda
  • 10:45 – Alex Flowers presentation
  • 11:00 – group up into teams
  • 11:15 – work
  • 13:00 – lunch
  • 14:00 – work
  • 16:00 – Cas Boland presentation
  • 16:20 – mentoring sessions
  • 17:30 – work
  • 18:45 – dinner
  • 20:15 – teams present ideas
  • 21:30 – jury votes
  • 21:45 – winners announced
  • 22:30 – after party (in a separate venue)
Hackathon terms and conditions
  • Mentors
  • Speakers
Cas Boland

Van Gogh Museum

Alex Flowers

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cas Boland

Van Gogh Museum

Jurgis Did
Paulius Tamolė

Theatre actor and director

Milda Ivanauskienė

Head at MO Museum

Indrė Chevalier


Jonas Lekevičius

Head of Product Design at Treatwell

Viktoras Butkus

Founder at MO Museum

Danguolė Butkienė

Founder at MO Museum

Šarūnas Ledas

CEO at Tag of Joy

Kotryna Žukauskaitė

Editorial illustrator

Andrius Labašauskas

Designer at Pixelmator

Vytautė Seinauskaitė

Head of Communication at Benediktas Vanagas & team Pitlane

Žilvinas Lešinkas

Product Owner at CGTrader

Aurelija Urbonavičiūtė

CEO at Tipi

Ugnė Paberžytė

Program Coordinator at MO Museum

Badgers / Meškėnai

Badgers at M-Lab

Simona Šimulytė

Founder at ChangeMakers'ON

Alex Flowers

Victoria & Albert Museum



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