LOGIN 2020 | Solving Big Challenges for Children

Solving Big Challenges for Children with UNICEF

On Thursday, June 6, 16:30 @Litexpo, UNICEF invites technology companies to a small LOGIN’s side event to brainstorm on pathways of using technology, data, and innovative financing to solve complex challenges facing children in this day and age.

During the event, UNICEF Innovation’s delegate Kidus Asfaw will walk through 3 challenges his team is trying to tackle and will explain initiatives underway to address them. This event’s questions include:

  • How can we map every school in the world and their connectivity status using Machine Learning?
  • How can we mentor promising social tech startups in low resource countries?
  • How can we amplify the voices of youth through social networks?

Participants are expected to speak about their companies’ actions and potential to work together with UNICEF on these questions. They will identify the type of resources (engineers, data, network to clients, etc.) that their company can contribute to this goal.

The format of the event will include a brief overview of UNICEF Innovation’s work in the above challenges, then splitting participants into 3 groups where they can identify and report back on how their companies can help contribute to UNICEF’s efforts.

Expected Profile of Attending Companies: those working in technology and data science, and ideally with business/clients internationally. Companies with social responsibility divisions are welcome too. Individuals representing these companies should at least have management responsibilities and can report back to their senior leadership around working with UNICEF.

Want to innovate for children ? Let us know by writing an email to unicef@unicef.lt

Participation at the event is available with LOGIN tickets.


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