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About the Festival

We are LOGIN – the largest and probably the boldest innovation bash in the Baltics. When we started back in 2007, innovation meant technology, but this has expanded like mad. So have we. Today, innovation is an ingenious mix of everything, but we concentrate on three dominant elements and the magic that happens blending them together. It’s TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVITY, BUSINESS. And we are crazy about them all.

Over 6,000 game-changers gather every year to celebrate innovation and digital culture. We welcome all the competent founders, respected business experts, slick trendsetters, bold creatives, brainy techies – everyone who is forward-thinking. We thrive to stimulate all sorts of collaborations and dig deeper into the most relevant issues.

Last year we opened the gates to LOGIN REALITY, where these three dominant elements of innovation are spinning and mingling. In 2019, we dive deeply into this world giving you the the most complete context of what’s happening around, taking you out of a box and inspiring to finally be a bold trailblazer yourself. Ready?

Technology Creativity Business


Fresh methods and stories on how to grow, monetise or develop your business. You need a diverse set of components for that, and we’re aiming to explore this balanced blend.


Moving out of the freakin’ box for good, tackling uniqueness and the means to exploit it, with solid creatives bringing out the big guns to help us get a grip on the situation in their fields.


Find out how skilled innovators use technology as a powerful tool to expand, protect, modernise or boost their ideas in order to reach new grounds.



All the greatest things tend to spin around and come back in a better version, so is LOGIN coming back to the beloved exhibition and congress centre. We believe it won’t be a miss, but a hit!



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