LOGIN 2020

Gathering forward thinking minds


The largest, richest in content, and probably the boldest innovation gathering in the Baltics. We name it a festival as we attract quite a crowd – 6,000 game changers, forward thinkers, tech-savvy innovators, and people thirsty for knowledge. Lots of ways to call YOU.

For the 13th time so far, we seek to catch up with the modern world, to dig deeper into the changes and obstacles the progress of technology brings, to get inspired (or frightened) by the innovation pioneers and their mind-bending insights of today’s world, and to have a glance at what awaits in the future. We do not stick to innovation and tech only, this is why we include sustainability and wellness into our focus this year, as we must seek progress that is friendly to nature too. The cutting-edge ideas are not only discussed but also born here. Therefore, we aspire to gather creatives, techies, and entrepreneurs, creating the best atmosphere for them to mix and mingle in order to generate new thoughts and accelerate changes.

A two-day conference, an Internet Awards ceremony, and a tendency to close it all partying like mad makes this an unforgettable event of the year. This is certainly not one of those boring conferences you yawn into the third minute of the first talk. See for yourself!

We are calling for partnerships, volunteers, speakers and ideas for our next event. Fill in the form below!







All the greatest things tend to spin around and come back in a better version, so is LOGIN coming back to the beloved exhibition and congress centre. We believe it won’t be a miss, but a hit!


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